Top 5 Best Cheap SMM Panels for Instagram and YouTube – Choose the right one!

Top 5 Best Cheap SMM Panels for Instagram and YouTube – Choose the right one!

Make your online presence more robust than your competitors and become popular with the five best SMM panels.


In this era, the exposure of social media is more than ever. These platforms are helping people in all sorts of ways. Whether it is about becoming an influencer, promoting a brand/product, or introducing a new business, social media has got you covered.
The best part is that it requires minimal effort. All you have to do is set up an account and try different ways to get it big.

However, the latter is not a very easy part. That is where a fast SMM panel comes in. If you are unfamiliar with this term, we have got you covered. We will mention all of that in this article from what it is to which ones are the best. So, let’s get into it.


What is an SMM Panel?

An SMM or Social Media Marketing Panel is an online service that allows you to buy likes, subscribers, and followers for different Social Media platforms.
These panels have become quite popular in the last decade. That is mainly due to their quick service and reasonable prices. Plus, a
cheap SMM panel is an easier way to gain organic traffic.


Top 5 Best SMM Panels for Instagram and YouTube

Now that you know what a fast SMM panel is let’s take a look at some of the best ones. Here are the top 5 best SMM panels.

Ø – Most Popular

o   If you want to consider the most popular option, is your best choice. The best part about the company is the flexibility. They offer a wide range of services that are suitable for everyone.

o   The prices depend on the number of attributes purchased within a particular time. For instance, taking their YouTube Views 500k – 1 million per day would be more expensive than others. That is because it has a fast delivery. In today’s market, it is easily one of the best SMM panels.


§  Features

Ø It allows you to choose the type of comments on your Instagram posts and YouTube videos.

Ø You can buy Instagram video views, story views, likes, followers, and comments.

Ø For YouTube, you can buy videos per day, likes, comments, and subscribers for your channel.

Ø The services are also available for Facebook, Tiktok, Telegram, and Twitter.

§  Pros

Ø A famous and reliable option

Ø Simple to use

Ø Support available 24/7 

§  Cons

Ø The services can seem complicated to beginners.

Ø BulqFollower – Quick Customer Support

o   Bulq Followers is considered a cheap SMM panel. However, that is not their main strength.
The most significant plus point of the company lies in customer support. It is comparatively way better than most others. It is quick and very supportive.
They are currently offering their service for only one social media platform. For YouTube, they provide a lifetime as well as no-refill view offers. You can navigate through their extensive library to find the suitable service that fits your needs.

o   Features         

Ø  Allows Unique YouTube views from various regions.

Ø  YouTube Live Stream, Live Comments, as well as Adword views.

Ø  Organic comments, shares, and watch time on shorts. 

o   Pros

Ø  Diverse payment options

Ø  Extra fast delivery with excellent customer service

Ø  The best SMM panel for YouTube because of the wide variety 

o   Cons

Ø  Only offering marketing for YouTube 

Ø SMMRush – Instant Services

o   SMMRush is a single solution for both YouTube and Instagram marketing. It is known for its instant services. That means once you choose one, the company delivers quickly. It is a huge plus point as it saves people from scams.

o   They are offering a wide range of services for YouTube as well as Instagram. Their best feature is the targeted views. You can select a specific audience, depending on the country. The same goes for Adwords views, as it also allows a targeted option. It is also a cheap SMM panel as compared to many others.

o   Features

Ø  It helps you gain the watch time for YouTube monetization.

Ø  Get the desired number of Instagram likes and followers in no time.

Ø  Organic and premium likes, comments, and shares.

o   Pros

Ø  Instant delivery on all services

Ø  Overall good for both Instagram and YouTube

Ø  Reasonable prices

o   Cons

Ø  The choices can be overwhelming, especially for a beginner

Ø SMMBuzz – Highly Suggested

o   Are you looking for the best SMM panel for Instagram? No need to look further than SMMBuzz. The reason we highly suggest them is the fast processing and easy setup. All you have to do is signup on the website and deposit your money.

o   From their large library, you can pick a service easily. Plus, the prices are pretty low comparatively. It is a simple-to-use non-drop SMM panel.

o   Features

Ø  Offers Instagram saves, reach, likes, and followers.

Ø  You can get targeted Adword YouTube views.

Ø  It can help you get original shares, watch time, and likes. 

o   Pros

Ø  Easy to use with a simple interface

Ø  Works for both YouTube and Instagram as well as many other platforms

Ø  A wide variety of choices in services

o   Cons

Ø  It has some bot services too

Ø SafeSMM – Affordable

o   If your requirement is the best SMM for Instagram at low prices, then SafeSMM is the top choice. You will find it more affordable than all the others mentioned above. However, having low prices does not mean fewer choices.

o   SafeSMM is available for YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, and much more. Each social media platform comes with a range of services. Therefore, you will surely find what you are looking for. It is THE cheap SMM Panel with several outstanding features.

o   Features

Ø  Organic YouTube views for a specific time period

Ø  Social shares, likes, and comments from targeted countries

Ø  Instagram REEL comments and likes to increase your reach

o   Pros

Ø  Affordable and low prices

Ø  Several payment options are available

Ø  Completely organic traffic

o   Cons

Ø  Not very easy to use


This list showcases the five best SMM Panels for YouTube and Instagram you can get. Considering your requirements and current position on YouTube and Instagram, you can choose the suitable one. The mentioned features, pros, and cons will also help you find the right SMM panel that fits all your needs and budget.